Going Dutch: Two Greek ex-pats have culinary success in Pella

 Written by Jennifer Miller

They grew up in Athens, Greece, and fell in love in Santorini (a small group of Greek islands formed by a volcanic caldera). In 2009, they opened Kaldera, a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant, in Pella. Vaso Apostolopoulou and Panos Anastassopoulos’ story — to say nothing of their names — has a catchy rhythm for sure, but it’s hard to dance to.


Consider: How do two professional designer-marketing types get from design and advertising to opening a restaurant? How do two uber-cosmopolitan Athenians (population 3.2 million, only slightly smaller than Los Angeles) find their way to a little Dutch town (population 10,000) in the middle of the United States? And how do said multisyllabic immigrants persuade their new neighbors that Grandma Georgia’s kokkinisto or spanakopita is worth a try?


The couple’s first response to any of these questions is a very Mediterranean shrug — the kind that says you might as well ask why black is black and white is white. What is, is.

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